Get To Know Jen Su

If you’re a regular on SA’s entertainment scene, then you’re sure to know the stunning Jen Su. A radio and television presenter, and an MC, Jen has made a name for herself in the industry.

Get To Know Jen Su

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Following the recent launch of her book, From Z To A-Lister: How To Build Your Personal Brand, we caught up with Jen Su to find out more about it, what you can expect from the book, as well as all her favourite spots in Joburg!

1. Your new book is very practical, what was the thought behind that?

I wanted to help people with this book; to provide a reference guide about how to navigate the social scene, how to network and use it efficiently, how to use social media to your advantage, to get on the A-list for your own set of aspirations – so it was more of a ‘How-To’ reference guide with a sprinkling of my own personal experiences in between. I didn’t want it to be an autobiography.

2. Where are some of your fave places in JHB to grab a bite?

Well, first of all, my favourite place to have cronuts and coffee in the morning is at Belle’s Patisserie in Blubird. My favourite places to grab lunch, I would say… Tasha’s in Hyde Park and in Melrose Arch, and Wangthai in Nelson Mandela Square.

3. Where do you like to get your hair done?

My favourite salon is Carlton Hair in Hyde Park and also in Melrose Arch.

4. And your nails?

My favourite nail salon is Gloss Nail in Birdhaven.

5. What do you love about Joburg?

I love the vibe of Joburg, I love the people – the people are so friendly, full of life, the food and the wine is amazing. I love the way things happen in Joburg, stuff happens pretty quickly here – it’s got a lot of life and vibrancy to it.

6. What do you do for fun?

I love Sweat 1000 in Morningside, it’s so much fun – not everywhere but working out there is fun. There are a lot of friends that I call up and we all just go together, so we get to chat but we’re also exercising, working out and training – it’s great.

7. Do you have a favourite place to shop? And if so, where?

Definitely Stuttafords in Sandton City!

8. Do you have any wise words for others?

Be unique and stand out from the rest, use technology wisely while incorporating old-school charm, thank and express gratitude, keep your social media in line with your personal brand, be on time, RSVP and follow through. Do what you do for love and not for money, reinvent yourself when you need to and keep up with the times, network, communicate and market your personality, look amazing, be active and engaging on social media, balance life, work and family, and work hard to try to help others, whether it’s a charity [or] with children – there are so many dimensions.

By Nicole Naidoo

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