Get Yourself To Cultiv8

Cultiv8 is a fantastic little joint on the Krugersdorp side of life. They make a mean shakshouka and serve breakfast after 12:00 – what more could you want? 

Viljoen Street in Krugersdorp North has just become even trendier with the addition of Cultiv8 Café on the corner of 2nd Street. The venue itself looks like something out of an extravagant Instagramer’s profile: kitsch décor, old-house-turned-beautiful-café and Freestate-style artwork that lines the garden and interior of the place. But let’s get straight to business because we’re all hungry and looking for something delectable to sink our teeth into…

For those of us who stay up late and wake up late often don’t feel like a bowl of bran flakes and low fat milk first thing in the morning, but it’s all good because Cultiv8 café has got us covered. The eatery serves breakfast until 12:00 and the selections is the reason why we love brunch so much. My personal favourite would be the shashuka – a Tunisian-Arabic breakfast dish which consists of two eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce cooked with green chili, onion and topped off with a pinch of cumin. This is served with chorizo sausage. To complete and complement your morning meal I suggest that you order a cappuccino. So, that’s breakfast, sorted. Good? Great.


The menu has a section called ‘light lunches’ – the words light and lunch should never be put alongside one another, but in this instance we’ll let it slide for the pure and simple reason because Cultiv8 serves goat’s cheese, thyme and balsamic onion tarts. How amazing does that sound? Wait until you taste it. The thyme delicately bounces off the balsamic and makes the strong flavour of the onion palatable. Cultiv8 also has a fair selection of open sandwiches served on ciabatta, brown or rye bread – this is where the vegetarians among us will bounce off the walls. Choices include avo, goat’s cheese, lime and then sundried tomato, basil pesto and cream cheese on your selection of bread.

Veggetarians can rejoice and actually be excited about ordering from the salad menu this time around as all salads are handcrafted to be something more than just ‘rabbit food’. I’d recommend Cultiv8 for a day out any time. So what are you waiting for? Take a day off from work and go grab brunch at Cultiv8. You deserve it.

By Shawn Greyling



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