Getting Our Delicate Fix With N2Ice Cream Lab

N2 Ice Cream Lab has us hooked on their amazing take on an after dinner classic.

N2Ice Cream

Every now and then something fresh and exciting comes along that just blows the sweet tooth society to bits. Lads; ladies, we’d like to introduce you to the N2Ice Cream Lab. This ice cream parlour has taken a family favourite and refined it into something to get excited about. Step aside, frozen yogurt we’ve got nitrogen-infused ice cream to nibble on. Originally from Cape Town, N2Ice Cream Lab made it’s Johannesburg debut at the 2016 Good Food & Wine Show to a sold-out crowd. Folks were literally queuing up to get a bite of the action. Some stopped by the kiosk out of sheer curiosity as clouds of white “smoke” would rise from a set of colourful food mixers manned by men in white lab coats wearing protective gear and goggles.

The curious ended up getting their brain freeze on with a special whip-up of bespoke flavours which were chosen from a periodic table styled menu. From chocolate cookie selections to alcohol-infused sorbets, N2Ice Cream was a hit and a half. The trick to creating these amazingly velvety smooth concoctions is to blend nitrogen into prepacked ice cream. This leads to a silkier dessert than we are used to. It is all scientific as the nitrogen-frozen particles of the delicacies are much smaller than that found when ice cream is frozen in the more conventional way.

Our favourite by far would be the chocolate chip variety topped with crushed cookies and Astros. N2Ice Cream Labs will soon release the location of its first Johannesburg store soon. For now they plan to roll out kiosks at malls the province over in order to get the public excited about this groundbreaking dessert.

Have you had a bite of N2Ice Cream Lab’s dessert? Let us know in the comments section below!

By Shawn Greyling

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