Getting Tanked has never been more fun!

Getting Tanked has never been more fun!

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Stephen was a little surprised when I started talking about installing a JoJo tank. I had seen the advert in a gardening magazine, my parents-in-law had installed one in their house, and for some reason, I really took to the idea.

But it wasn’t until watching a programme on TV that I began to get serious about it – when the presenter casually mentioned that we cannot generate more water. We have what we have – we can’t make more, and future generations will be forced to deal with the consequences of how we use our water supply. It was a sobering thought.

And so I got to thinking – about leaving the tap running while I brush my teeth, forgetting to turn the hose off while filling the pool, leaving the sprinkler on while I spend an hour on the phone to my mom and spending hours in the shower – I have become a little “casual” about the water that I use.

And so I started doing some research on an affordable way to start using rainwater – but without being forced to install an ugly tank in my beautiful garden. Enter the JoJo Slimline tank that comes in 7 colors so you can match it to the colour of your house – and my resulting decision to plant a vegetable garden that I will water via my JoJo tank!

I have been wanting to plant a veggie patch for ages, and love the idea of watering it with rainwater instead of the hosepipe. I am also very keen on getting Kayla involved in the process so that she begins to understand how lucky we are to have water on tap that should never be wasted. I am also very interested to see how much of this FREE source of water (the rain) we can use, as opposed to the exorbitant amount of municipal water we seem to be using at the moment.

So, over the next few months, I will give you my very honest feedback on the highs and lows of rainwater harvesting. I will post pictures of my garden, the JoJo tank, the veggie garden and more. And you never know, you too might decide to “get tanked” – it’s the “in” thing to do!

Why I chose the JoJo Slimline

  • I figure it’s a good way to get started without over-committing, and I can always add more Slimline tanks if my current one can’t hold all the rain water we get.
  • It’s a good size – 1800mm x 750mm and holds 750 litres of water!
  • I have linked it to my gutter and placed it in the middle of my rose garden so that it actually blends into the garden and the wall behind it.
  • It is close enough for me to fill the pool or wash the car
  • It has a 5-year guarantee

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