Gift ideas for Father’s Day

Gift ideas for Father’s Day

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Personalised Braai Apron

A braai apron is something that every dad will appreciate, especially when you add your own unique message!

You will need:

  • Rust-Oleum Paint Pens in assorted colours + white
  • Heavy white cotton or linen
  • Cotton strap or tape
  • Sewing machine and accessories – or hand sew
  • Iron-on webbing
  • Iron
  • Cardboard
  • Stencil or design
  • Pencil

Here’s how:

  1. Cut out the shape for the apron. Rather make it bigger rather than smaller.
  2. Fold over a 2cm hem all the way around and affix iron-on webbing using a warm iron.
  3. Attach straps for the ties and neck. These can be sewn on by hand or with a sewing machine.
  4. Use a warm iron to press flat. Lay the apron on a clean piece of cardboard.
  5. Use a pencil to lightly draw or trace the design onto the front of the apron. Use a white paint pen to paint around the outline. This will prevent the paint from running into the fabric.
  6. Apply the main colour and let this dry. Apply a dark outline to the main colour for best effect.
  7. Once completely dry, place the fabric face down on a piece of cardboard and go over the back of your design with a warm iron – to seal the paint to the fabric.

When washing, use warm water and hand wash.

TV remote box
Combining Father’s Day and the World Cup, I thought that this might be a nice project for mom and kids to make for Father’s Day.

I am sure that there will be very few dads in South Africa that won’t be holding a TV-remote in their hand over the next month or so.

Our TV-remote box makes it easy for dad to have all his remotes in one place.

You will need:

  • 4 pieces of Skirting board cut to width 200mm
  • 1 block of wood cut to 200 x 200mm for base
  • Mitre box and backsaw
  • Ponal wood glue
  • Wood filler
  • Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Decorative sticker – see back page
  • Contact self-adhesive velvet

Here’s how:

  • Use a mitre box and saw to angle both sides of the skirting boards.
  • Arrange these in the box shape and apply Ponal wood glue to all the joins. Wrap the box with masking tape while the glue dries.
  • Spray the outside of the box with Rust-Oleum Painters Touch in Tomato Red. Let dry and then apply another coat if necessary.
  • Cut a section of Contact self-adhesive velvet to the height of the box – a length long enough to wrap around the inside of the box. Peel off the backing slowly as you apply to the inside areas.
  • Paint the outside of the bottom section with red and apply wood glue to affix to the bottom of the box. Let dry.

Enlarge and print out the design and stick to the front of the box with double-sided tape.

If you want to discover how easy it is to ‘Do-It-Yourself’ visit the DIY-Divas website (see links alongside) for details, and sign up for our Mom and DIY Kids workshops during the school holidays.

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