Gingers are doing it for themselves

Gingers are doing it for themselves

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As a ginger, red-headed person, I am thrilled to see that so many of my fair-haired, freckled brethren are doing well and making a success of themselves. It started with tennis player Wayne Ferreira and Shaun Pollock, and now Protea’s bowler Rusty Theron has made headlines in the sporting world.

People judge us gingers you know. Whenever I go to a venue to do stand-up comedy and inform people that I am the entertainment for the evening I get strange looks from patrons, looks that say things like, “That guy can’t be a comedian. Gingers can’t be funny.”

Ironically, comedy is the perfect career for a ginger for two reasons. Firstly, it is an indoor, night-time career which is important for us pale types. We shun sunlight, much like vampires, though unlike the modern un-dead we don’t sparkle or have a fetish for 17 year old school girls. Secondly, if you were like me and grew up with bright red hair and freckles, you get used to being laughed at.

Us gingers are even big in TV these days, with Horatio Caine racking up cult status for his deadpan one-liners and lack of facial expression. So next time you encounter a ginger remember not to judge us because you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Unless that book is Loslyf.

Written by Shaun Wewege, the Ginger Ninja of the Joburg team

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