Give your electricity use a break too

Give your electricity use a break too

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If you are going away, it’s a great time to save energy and cut down on your energy bill. Just follow these easy energy conservation tips from Eskom.

Start planning a few weeks ahead of your holiday

  • Start using up the meat and other perishables in your fridge and freezer rather than keeping it fully stocked. The bigger the load in your fridge and freezer, the more electricity it consumes.
  • Replace conventional outdoor lights with motion sensor lamps for security. Motion sensor lights use less electricity because they only switch on when the sensor is triggered. Install them strategically around your garden and on your perimeter wall to ensure that your property is well lit, even though you aren’t going to be home to switch on lights.
  • To make it appear as though you are still at home, enlist the help of a trustworthy neighbour or friend to switch on one or two inside lights at night while you are away instead of leaving lights to burn in an empty house for the duration of your holiday.
  • Fix leaky taps.
  • Unplug appliances such as computers and coffee machines. Appliances still draw a small amount of energy when they are plugged in – even if they are not switched on.
  • Make sure the backup batteries on your electric fencing and intruder detection systems are in good working order.

The day before you depart

  • Empty your fridge and freezer, switch them off and allow them to defrost. That way they will not use any electricity while you are away.
  • Turn off your geyser. This will ensure that it won’t draw electricity to unnecessarily keep your water hot.
  • Switch off all power outlets and unplug all appliances.
  • Switch off your oven.
  • If you have a pool cover, use it. It will help keep your pool clean while you are gone.
  • Switch off your air conditioning and fans.
  • Switch off the water and power supply to water featuresand fountains in your garden.

Download our handy printable guide to saving power

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