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On Monday, 23rd of March, 2009, Glacéau Vitaminwater- the original nutrient enhanced lifestyle beverage from new york- launched in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Gtv’s (Glaceau tasting vehicles), decked out with a super sound system and a fridge large enough to carry hundreds of chilled bottles of Glacéau Vitaminwater, visited select hub spots and influential businesses, giving those people a unique Glacéau Vitaminwater experience and an opportunity to claim that they were the first to taste the original, nutrient enhanced, Glacéau vitaminwater! was one of those lucky businesses who got to experience one of the GTV’s and taste some of the delicious vitaminwater. The truck arrived on a warm midmorning in beautiful Johannesburg. After convincing the security guards on the premises that the GTV was harmless and infact only armed with flavoured water and good tunes the team kicked back in the sun and refreshed with some cold and tasty vitamin water.

Glaceau Vitaminwater, after only recently launching have already established a beautiful show room for their vitaminwater at the trendy 44 Stanley Shopping complex. If you would like to try the vitamin water and see the show room, then head down to 44 Stanley today.

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