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In the hustle and bustle of the fast moving city, one can often get caught up with work and stress, forgetting the simple pleasures in life. The Gogo Bar’s Weekend Market is just one of those pleasures.

The market isn’t one of the largest in the greater Johannesburg area by a long shot, but instead of endless rows of the same things you see at every market, the GoGo Bar’s Weekend Market is strongly themed with retro funk and old school style, meaning that you can by vinyl, clothes, stickers, the works all under one roof. The market is the answer to a lazy Saturday morning, the perfect filler entertainment before the weekend takes off. Also don’t forget that if you are still in the area by the evening, the GoGo Bar throws some of Joburgs top parties, so be sure to check if anything is on.

Venue: 47, Henry Nxumalo Street, Corner Bree Str and Henry Nxumalo Str opposite the Mad Max garage, CBD and Around.

Date: Next market Saturday, 21st of February, 2009, call for advanced dates.

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