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Belly dancing is the joyful, creative, empowering women’s art. It is designed for all women of all ages, sizes, shapes, races and cultures. This ancient dance form is powerfully sensual, mysterious and allows all women to get in touch with their Goddess Energy and bodies in a beautiful and creative way. Belly Dancing is designed for the female body and is done by women for women.

Belly Dancing provides women with a community of friends that share and celebrate joy in music and dance. Belly Dance increases women’s’ confidence and embraces all body types, cultures and walks of life. Dance can help heal a sense of wounded self esteem and body image.

Belly dance is unlike ANY other dance form, it is unique, challenging, exhilarating and empowering. It allows women to truly be in their bodies, to rejoice and appreciate the magic and wonder that is a woman.

No previous dance experience is needed and no special level of fitness is required. Belly Dance is not meant to be competitive it is rather a means of women expressing themselves in a unique and self-fulfilling way. Everyone works at their own pace and each student is encouraged to express their own uniqueness of the dance. Every woman adds her own touch of her personality and interpretation to belly dance.

Belly Dance is an exhilarating and great way to get in shape. It is a full body low impact workout which focuses movements on the torso and core muscles. It increases cardio fitness, strength, co-ordination, posture and balance. Not only does it have physical benefits but emotional as well. It relieves stress and helps to alleviate depression.

Elektra is an internationally and locally trained professional performer and teacher. She has over 6 years dance experience and teaches in the Sandton, Fourways and Randburg areas. Her classes are suitable for the busy woman’s schedule and she conducts evening classes during the week and weekend workshops.

Discover Your Inner Magnificence

Shimmy and Shake your body into shape this summer! Say goodbye to those winter blues and emerge this summer as a radiant belly dancing Goddess!

Get Fit! Have Fun! Feel Beautiful!

Take time out of your hectic schedule to distress, laugh, and melt away those winter bulges with a fun and exciting full body workout. Come learn this ancient, beautiful art form at our weekly classes and weekend workshops. We provide classes that are designed to suit the busy woman’s schedule in a relaxed friendly environment. Suitable for all ages, sizes and shapes! No experience needed. From beginners to advanced.


§ Get Fit
§ Have Fun
§ Reduce stress

§ Lose weight
§ Increase core strength
§ Gain confidence
§ Improve your posture

§ Meet new people
§ Learn a new hobby
§ Express your feminine side

Fun Absolute Beginners Workshops

Stir your body and your soul in an exhilarating low impact belly dance journey that will get you dancing, sweating and having the time of your life!

Discover gorgeous belly dance moves – hypnotic arms, undulations, circles, figure 8’s, hip work and shimmies! Come learn this sensually powerful ancient art form that celebrates women, beauty, the body and dance!

Professional Performers

Goddess of the Dunes can transform any event into an extraordinary and first class experience. We bring the beauty and the elegance of the Middle East to your special occasion. Allow our internationally trained professional belly dancers to add some excitement to your event and amaze with spectacular performances of authentic belly dancing.

Our professional dancers’ blend of personality, rhythm, dynamism will enthrall any audience. Out troupe is sure to mesmerize with their flair and polished performances ranging from multi-girl choreography to thrilling fire and sword work.

Ideal For:

§ Team building
§ Weddings
§ Kitchen Tea/Bachelorettes
§ Children’s Arabian Princess parties
§ Womens’ get together/groups
§ Birthday parties
§ Corporate Functions/Office parties
§ Christmas/New Years eve celebrations
§ Club events
§ Launches
§ Charity events

Our Dancers always Shine! Sparkle! Dazzle!

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