Grab Something Tasty At The Greens Grillhouse

Believe it or not, I’m a huge fan of golf (the sport, not the car – I know what you were thinking wink wink). Anyway, in my opinion, there’s nothing better than indulging in a tasty lunch with a vibrant green golf course as the backdrop! If this sounds like your cup of tea (how could it not?), then you have to pay a visit to The Greens Grillhouse.

The Greens Grillhouse can be found on the grounds of Eye of Africa – an absolutely stunning golf and residential estate, located in Joburg’s southern suburbs. The estate itself is going through a huge infrastructure investment plan and has added this little gem to enhance offerings for both residents and visitors alike!

My fiancé, Brenden, and I popped in there for lunch the other day, and I’m thrilled to say that the food was so good! The Greens Grillhouse has a number of different options, depending on what you’re looking for – there are breakfast and snack options, and they even have a menu with everything from starters and salads to burgers and pizza – needless to say they’ve got something for everyone!

Grab Something Tasty At The Greens Grillhouse

Determined to try as much as we could (everything looked amazing!), Brenden and I decided to order starters, a main meal and dessert (after all, we don’t pig out often – honestly!). To start, Brenden ordered the salt and chilli calamari (R48) while I went with the salmon rose bruschetta (R51). The calamari was spicy and appetising (yes, I poached one or two pieces from him), and the salmon bruschetta was amazing and incredibly filling (I genuinely didn’t know if I would have space for more food!).

Speaking of more food, for mains, Brenden had the rosemary and thyme lamb chops (R145) with a side of crumbed mushrooms (R35) while I had the spare rib and bacon pizza (R87), which I adored – if there’s one thing you have to know about me, it’s that I love my ribs!

Grab Something Tasty At The Greens Grillhouse

Oh, and Brenden made sure to mention that the chops were perfectly cooked and that he loved the way they were seasoned. To end off a rather indulgent afternoon (I was afraid I’d have to be rolled out of there!), we shared a bowl of ice cream and BarOne sauce (R30) – the sugary treat was so satisfying after all that meaty goodness!

The temptation to play a round or two on the golf course was almost too great to resist but we opted to take a drive around the stunning estate instead – I don’t think I could have walked anywhere at that point! So, the next time you want to grab a bite and bask in the sunlight while practicing your swing, or just want to indulge in something yummy and hearty, pop by The Greens Grillhouse – you’ll be glad you did!

By Nicole Naidoo

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