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Encompassing the true South African Style of food making, the Gramadoelas Restaurant has every bit of South African culture etched into its atmosphere, its food and its people. Owned by Brian Shalkoff and Eduan Naude, Gramadoelas cater from large well organised functions to small personal dinners.

You might very well run into some of the long list of famous guests that are catered for here like Ex President Nelson Mandela, Elton John, The Queen of England, The Clintons, Danny Glover, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington (who the staff kept calling Malcolm X), David Rockefeller, Nick Nolte, Randy Crawford, Catherine Deneuve and many more.

The true spirit of the Gramadoelas is clear in this story. Recently a lady came in, lured by the smell of freshly baked bread, from a show at the Market Theatre. Brian, in his true nature, offered her a loaf in return for her appreciation of the aroma. A few days later a large bouquet arrived with a note written by the delightful lady signed – Zanela Mbeki (our presidents wife).

Visit the Gramadoelas family for a meal never to be forgotten…

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