Great Gifts For Writers & Where To Get Them

Without writers the world would be a very different place. Who would transcribe all the wonderful things that happen in our lives and our heads? Why not surprise a writer with one of these nifty gifts!


Aqua Notes

Shower time or bath time is usually a great time to destress if you’re not rushing in the morning. In that time, moments of clarity and inspiration tend to flow in and out your mind, more-so for writers. Instead of letting great ideas flow ‘down the drain’, get a yourself or a fellow writer Aqua Notes.

Cool Briefcase

Most writers walk around with their notebooks and or iPads just incase a moment of inspiration occurs and they simply must write, be it on the bus to work or during some downtime in a park. What better way to carry a notebook, iPad or tablet than in a super cool briefcase or bag? Have a look at Typo for some great options.


Writers are not limited to simply writing, they also love to read. Although most writers would probably agree on getting hard copies of the books they love, getting digital copies is convenient for travel and storage space. Spoil a writer/ reader with a Kindle from Amazon.

The Book Seat

Some nights, early mornings and even afternoons require writers/ readers to stay snug in bed with a good book. In these moments The Book Seat from Exclusive Books is the perfect companion for any bibliophile. Pair that with hot chocolate on a chilly day and you have your a perfect day!


Stamps are fun and great especially if you exercise the art of writing with a pen and paper versus your iPad/Tablet or laptop. Get an Alphabet stamp set and other fun stamps from CNA. And instead of leaving boring old notes for colleagues at work or family at home, you can have one written and decorated by stamps.

Voice Recorder

Although we live in a digital age with fairly advanced technology, sometimes vintage gadgets are just the thing we need in our possession, to add some culture you know. So, if you’re a writer always on-the-run, or you know such a writer, check out some cool digital voice recorders from Makro.

Novelty Mugs

Every writer needs a nifty coffee mug for those late night and early morning writing sessions. Why not get your favourite writer a novelty mug from either Cardies or Typo? Both stores have a range of awesome mugs with some funky text on it.


If you’re a writer reading this you probably got really excited. Which writer wouldn’t love to own a typewriter? Even just as a souvenir or collectable, it’s somewhat a must-have. Whether the typewriter is vintage or the newer modernised versions, it’s sure to be a great addition to any writer’s home, study or office. Check out Bid or Buy for some typewriter offers.


What’s a writer without his/her pens? Now imagine getting your favourite writer a set of beautiful pens from Write Gear? From snazzy fountain pens to classy Parker pens, make a writer’s day and upgrade their pen collection.


Writing in a normal notebook you can picked up from a grocery store is not quite the same as writing in a fancy, good quality journal. Now of all the journals and notebooks in the world Moleskine is one of the best buys for a writer due to is impeccable quality. Visit any Exclusive Books for some great options or buy it online from Superbalist.

By Cleopatra Shava

Have more suggestions on great gifts for writers? Let us know below!

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