The Great Moyo Re-Launch

Moyo Melrose Arch has had a revamp and we were fortunate enough to be at the big unveiling. 


From the car we were ushered towards the door by the sound of beating drums, the rhythm guided us and we found our way to where we needed to be. We were welcomed in with warm smiles and a booklet that was to guide us through the Moyo dining experience. Our first stop was the tasting kitchen where starters were laid out for us. Welcome to the relaunch of Moyo Melrose Arch.

A beautiful array of delicious looking canapes awaited us. Although everything was in small portions it blew my mind how much attention was paid to detail. Moyo served crocodile pies, crushed avocado sandwiches, prawns, cheese samosas and, my personal favourite, chicken liver bunny chow. After the canapes, we headed downstairs towards the Roc Room for the main meal.


Served in a buffet style the team outdid themselves with a rainbow of food. There were so much food and a rich variety of it. There were all kinds of salads and assortment of cooked veggies all bursting with colour. I spotted putu and yellow rice as well. There was meat chicken, roast beef, lamb, port and even prawns and calamari – we were spoilt for choice.

Once again the presentation was impeccable when it came to dessert. The sugary treats looked so alluring. There was chocolate mousse in glasses, carrot cake, chocolate brownies, chocolate cake, red velvet cake, and an assortment of cheeses and nuts.


At no point was there an empty tray of food in sight. It was an authentic African celebration, complete with food and warmth at its base. The brand new Moyo in Melrose Arch somewhere you go with friends and family alike because an experience like this needs to be shared. Despite the relaunch, it was amazing to see that Moyo has kept its heart.

By Mamello Sejake

Have you been to the relaunched Moyo restaurant in Melrose Arch? What do you think of the overhaul? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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