The Guy’s Guide to Face Moisturisers

It’s time to start taking care of that pretty face of yours. Here’s our guide to manly moisturising…


Determine Your Skin Type

There are nine different types of skin, of which there are three main groups: dry, normal and oily. Unfortunately there’s no one-size-fits-all type of solution when it comes to moisturising. If you have oily skin and use a moisturiser with an oil base you’d end up making your face look the stove top after a nine year old tried to cook pasta sauce. Now that we have the awkwardness out of the way, analyze your skin – you should know, from living with it for so long, whether it’s dry, normal or oily. Purchase a face moisturiser suitable for your skin type.

Wash Your Face

Before applying moisturiser to your skin make sure that it’s been washed of dirt and excess oil. This does not mean you should take a sandblaster to the face. In fact, face scrubs should only be used two or three times a week. Use an all-round face wash twice a day. This gives you a clean slate to work from. Easy. Just like that. Make sure you avoid harsh soaps; actually just toss that soap-on-a-rope out the window.

Twice a Day

Dermatologists the world over recommend that we moisturise twice a day. This will allow your skin to absorb the moisture it loses during the day. So, before you head out just pop some stuff on and off you go. Before bed, do the same. Some moisturisers absorb better than others so do your research. From experience we recommend Vaseline’s MENface Even Tone moisturiser.

SPF for Days

Come to terms with the fact that the African sun is not good for your skin. Yeah, sure we all want to look like bronze gods but the long term effects are not worth it. You can either purchase a moisturiser – like the Vaseline MENface we mentioned – with SPF 15 added to it or you can just slap some sunscreen on before you step outside. As a side note on that (which most moisturising product descriptions fail to mention), your skin actually becomes more susceptible to the sun’s rays when you take care of it… so make sure you SPF it up.


By Shawn Greyling

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