Hanging Out With The Coolest Guys In Whisky

We recently got a call from Dom at Black Bottle Whisky asking if we’d be keen to check out their new steampunk inspired shot pouring machine. We said, sure, as long as we get some tipple out of the deal.

black bottle machine

Think about Whisky Live 2016 as a backdrop to the innovative, astonishing shot pouring  machine Black Bottle has conjured up to promote their blended Islay whisky in Mzanzi.

The blended Scotch pros teamed up with brand engineers, Brand Foundry, to create a monster of a drink dispensing machine inspired by the industrial revolution. The thought behind this unique creation is the same that sets this brand apart. Black Bottle is not a whisky targeted at older okes in suits who pay R2 000 for a 32 year old bottle of whatever, so they came up with this cool contraption that will appeal to the cool guys. Everybody digs steampunk, so why not have a piece of engineering fitted with bells and whistles, gears and filament bulbs – that can pour you a Scotch and soda? This marvellous invention is so cool that it’s been touring Joburg from pillar to post.

We met up with the Black Bottle crew at Whisky Live 2016 in Sandton to check it out… and to have a couple of Whisky Sours and Old Fashions, of course. We were blown away by how much thought went into the machine. Just like the whisky itself, this fantastic tool is an experience. You pop a special gold coin into the coin slot, pull a lever and things start happening: gears start grinding, flames burst out from its sides and the whisky starts to bubble inside the clear tank, up a tube into your tumbler glass. Brilliant stuff.

Black Bottle itself is shrouded in interesting stories. For starters, the brand’s name comes from the whisky being bottled in a black bottle produced in Germany before World War I. After the allieds severed ties with Germany, Black Bottle had to use locally produced bottles which were green in colour… well, that was until a couple of years ago when the distillers decided to go back to black.

The thing about whisky is that it’s all in the taste. What makes Black Bottle so special is that it is a lightly peated whisky (it is an Islay, after all) with notes of heavy brown sugar, golden syrup and a hint of milk chocolate – and let’s not forget the polished oak finish. It’s the whisky to drink when you’re meeting old friends or happen to be making new ones.

Check out the video below and find out how much work went into creating this super cool machine.

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Words & Photo By Shawn Greyling

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