Happy Baby, Happy Mommy!

Happy Baby, Happy Mommy!

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Dynamic Organisers in association with Pigeon-baby, are very proud to be hosting a fun, yet informative day for Mothers or Moms-to-be. The exciting line-up for this day is the following:

•Dr Paul (Dr Woolf Solomon), who has been on radio 702 for seven years and is a TV personality, is to give an hilarious presentation entitled “Agony and Ecstasy of Love-Making”. You cannot afford to miss this opportunity to hear the funniest, yet most informative talk on this subject from such a celebrity!

•There will be a presentation on the importance of the PC muscle (one between our legs) for tight tummies, strong backs and other functions. Learn how to prevent incontinence and prolapses. Lynne Lopez gives this presentation and feels that you are never too young to be educated in this area, as she experienced her first prolapse at 21 years of age!

•Learn how to bath your infant, baby or toddler in readiness for swimming. Learning to swim is the most important skill you could ever pass on to your child. Be a part in possibly saving his / her life. Make this a happy, fun experience for your child and for yourself.

•A short presentation / talk on cellulite follows. There will be massage techniques and exercises for combating cellulite, something that just “appears” especially after having a baby and something we all suffer from and detest!

•There will be a demo on massage techniques for your baby, for enjoyment, relaxation, to stimulate….etc.

Pigeon-baby are very generously supplying products for the goody bags and supplying hampers for spot prizes.

There will be stalls with products for sale – books, cellulite products, etc.

Cost: R380.00pp, including delicious lunch and teas.

Time: 8:00am to 3:00pm

Where: Indaba Hotel, Fourways

For registration or info, contact Liz or Samantha with the details alongside.

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