Heading To China World

For everything fancy and fine there is Sandton, and for everything else there is China World. We spent some time walking around the dim-lit corridors of the super Chinese emporium in the West Rand, and this is what we found.

china world

Somewhere between Fairlands and Weltevredenpark there is a shopping complex called Hillfox Value Centre. Here you will find everything from The last Look & Listen in the country to fahion and footwear, DIY, specialist hobby stores and home services. On Sundays there’s a massive flea market in the underground parking area.

But we’re not here to talk about the above-ground stuff. If you head to the right of the parking lot, past the Food Lovers Market and past the big orange and black building that used to be a Trade Centre, you will find China World. In this building with its fascia board divided shops, the number of stores head well into the hundreds. The majority of shop owners are from mainland China and they brought with them all the cheap stuff we like so much. There are quite a few stores selling mobile phone and tablet accessories such as cables, chargers and covers, and most of them do basic repairs – such as cracked screens etc. Moving on, there are tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of toy stores. Pretty much all of them sell fairly dangerous weapons, such as knifes and cross bows – interesting and quite scary all at once! Further down the line there are shops that sell weird and wonderful stuff. Here you can buy everything from new rims for your VW Golf to uh, uhm, stuff for the bedroom.

For the ladies, there are quite a few shops that sell handbags, clothes and makeup. A word of warning: it may be cheap and pretty but it’s pretty cheap, so don’t expect quality. When you buy imitation products for 90% off the original’s price, don’t expect it to last. And returning goods for a refund is not going to work – none of the stores here care much about the consumer protection act.

All in all, there’s a lot of amazing stuff at China World. Most places only accept cash so be sure to pop by the FNB ATM at the entrance.

By Shawn Greyling

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One thought on “Heading To China World

  1. Regarding the article about hillfox china world, its mentioned that they sell fairly dangerous weapons which is true but there’s more hair raising things happening there as well.

    The Guy who owns/works at a electronic shop (he was in the shop 2 or 3 doors down from the shop that sells motorbiking gear) in the china mall groped me today and made sexual gestures. When my husband approached him he ran away like the guilty coward he is and we warned his co-workers/co-owners and they laughed it off as if its a huge joke and like this turd who did it is a hero (they where also selling knock off perfumes outside in the walk way (red and blue lids)).

    They had absolutely no respect for the fact that I am a woman and for my personal space which was inappropriately invaded.

    I will no longer see this “value” centre as a area where you can get a few odd finds for a good price. I know I’m not the only women who fell victim to this low class scum lurking in this centre. Groping is sexual harassment and sexual harassment is a crime, hillfox china world and the whole centre to me is a no-go where no woman or child is save.

    I will warn every single women about this and will never set foot near this place again. It is a shame that many honest business owners will suffer because sexual predators are allowed to own shops in the hillfox china world/centre and now hang around there, preying on innocent women of all ages probably.

    These people don’t belong there, it’s a place where people bring there children! If nothing is said or done, what will they do next? Drug and kidnap shoppers, child and human trafficking?



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