Headlines you shouldn’t miss

Headlines you shouldn’t miss

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This week saw the Japanese overshoot a Venus landing with their space probe Akatsuki. Apparently it will now take their space program another six years before they can attempt it again. The mission cost $290 million making this officially the most expensive ‘miss’ of all time. I can’t help but picture a little Japanese guy with a playstation paddle in his hand looking away for a second to laugh at a joke one of his co workers told and then looking back to the screen to see he had just missed the target… oops.

Founder of controversial website Wikileaks has been arrested in the UK for alleged sexual assault. Interpol and the Swedish government have been clutching at an arrest making many supporters of the website suspicious of a possible hidden agenda, considering there are over 4000 reported sexual assaults in Sweden every year, none of which receive attention from two governments and Interpol. An army of hackers have threatened the British government, stating that they will destroy Governmental websites if Wikileaks owner Julian Assange is extradited to Sweden.

The National Road Traffic Act was amended in November making it possible for a drivers license to be suspended for speeding as apposed to just drunk or reckless driving. A Mr Nkosinathi Gumede has been caught travelling at 201 Kph in a 120 zone making him officially the first in sunny South Africa to get this penalty. Congratulations Mr Gumede, we give you the double douche solute!

Google announced their 2010 Zeitgeist. It’s interesting seeing the state of the world today through the stuff we all search… that’s right we! Controversial chat site Chatroulette was the fastest riser this year while Susan Boyle dropped right off. Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are the worlds most searched people, infact the whole list of people searched are famous in the entertainment industry, interestingly no people in any other field seemed to matter this year (whereas last year the world still had Obama fever). Haiti got all the aid attention and once again Apple takes the top spot in tech with the Ipad and Iphone 4 being heavyweight contenders.
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