Headphones To Suit Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re a music loving fitness freak or an occasional music producer, there is a set of headphones or earphones perfect for you! Here’s a guideline to help you pick the best to suit your lifestyle!



If you’re a frequent traveller you want a set of headphones or earphones that fit comfortably and still provide great sound. You’re probably also looking for something with a noise cancelling element, but perhaps not all the way through such that you risk missing announcements about your flight or other means of travel.

Recommendation: Apple EarPods with Vojo Rabbit Sleeves


Fitness Fanatic

Whether you’re a frequent runner or an extreme fitness fanatic, you need a set of earphones or headphones that can be secured on your head and/or in your ears without falling out during your workout. Comfortability is also important and as with any good pair of headphones, the sound quality has to be great.

Recommendation: Monster DNA In-Ear Headphones


Occasional Producer

Most headphones and earphones prioritise certain sounds and musical elements such the bass. If you’re an occasional music producer, you know this distorts how you want your songs to sound while producing. You might think a song has adequate bass but when you play it on a set of headphones meant for producing, this changes.

Recommendation: Beats Pro by Dr. Dre



Similar to the traveller, as a workaholic, you still want to listen to your music with good quality sound, but you don’t want to miss any important requests directed at you. So as much as some external noise ought to be cancelled, you still need room to allow some in – you wouldn’t want your coworkers thinking you’re ignoring them.

Recommendation: Aiaiai Tracks Headphones


Audio Snob

You definitely want good sound by any means necessary. You want to hear the crisp elements of each song and you want to identify technics used to result in certain sounds and effects. You want that musical, almost spiritual, journey when you put your earphones or headphones on. We get it, we totally get it.

Recommendation: Audeze LCD-X Reference-Level Planar Magnetic Headphones



Sure great sound is important but so is style. You want your earphones or headphones to make as much of a statement as your personal style and fashion sense does. You want something timeless like a Coco Chanel suit, but for your ears. You also want the option of interchanging between noise cancelling and perhaps allowing some external sound.

Recommendation: Lady Gaga Beats by Dr. Dre


By Cleopatra Shava

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