Healthy Pregnancy Eating Habits

As your body changes and you start getting strange and wonderful cravings, it’s important to note some healthy eating habits so as to not harm yourself or your baby. Here are a few tips to help you out.


Fibre up

If you are prone to haemorrhoids before pregnancy then the chances of you getting haemorrhoids during pregnancy are higher. To avoid this painful yet normal occurrence, fibre up every morning. All Bran Flakes are a good fibre source; add some plain yoghurt and honey to that for a tasty breakfast. Or have them with warm milk and thin slices of banana and/or strawberries.

Power down on caffeine

In general, too much caffeine gives adults heart palpitations every now and then. Considering that everything you eat the baby eats, its best to limit the caffeine intake, not just in coffee but also soft drinks and teas. Swop out caffeine drinks for 100% fruit juices, water with a squeeze of lemon or even skim milk. But if you must have a cuppa coffee, aim for less than 200mg per day.

Easy on the fish

Most fish have traces of methyl mercury that is believed to be harmful to the growing brains of foetuses and young children. Your fish intake should decrease to 28 grams a week to be safe. And this refers to cooked fish. It’s best to avoid sushi, or any other raw or under-cooked fish and cold meats like ham, polony, and things alike.

Prenatal vitamins

As your body adjusts to the baby, it needs extra vitamins to ensure the healthy growth of the baby. Folic acid is one of the most important vitamins you will need during your pregnancy to ensure the baby is not born with neural tube defeats such as spina bifida. Your gynaecologist will prescribe you with the appropriate prenatal vitamins… all you have to do is take them.

Increase veggies

The healthier you are, the healthier your baby will grow and be. Also, the more veggies you eat while pregnant, the more you increase the chances of your baby/ child having a taste for veggies when they are born. Besides, your body and the baby’s body need all the nutrients they can get – so get those vegetables in!


Ban Alcohol

To avoid your baby having physical birth defeats, learning disabilities, mental and/or emotional problems, you’ll need to order a virgin drink next time you go out for cocktails with your friends. Alcohol has been linked to the above mentioned side-effects in the baby and experts recommend you stop drinking alcohol completely during your pregnancy.


Always stay hydrated. Of course the thought of hydration or more water intake will sound annoying given how most pregnant women tend to need to pee a lot. However, you don’t want to end up dehydrating yourself or the baby. So keep a water bottle nearby for some good ol’ H2O!

Be fruity with care

Fruits contain a lot of sugar so be aware of that before you chow down on an entire fruit bowl. However, your body and the growing baby’s body still needs vitamins from fruits, so don’t cut them out completely. Also instead of fruit juice, rather have the actual fruit and then drink water instead. The more natural the food you consume, the better it is for your baby.

Listen to cravings

So you’re probably thinking, “why am I craving olives and bananas topped chocolate source?” Well, the simple answer is your body knows what it needs and it will tell you want it needs in the form of cravings. Once the body has had enough nutrients from the food you’re craving, the craving goes away. Just don’t eat laundry starch, dirt or clay! That’s a condition called PICA and you should definitely consult your gynaecologist about it.

Keep an eye on portions

Overindulgence will only bring you discomfort. You might be able to get away with large portions earlier in your pregnancy but it is far better to stick to smaller portions, more frequently, during the day. Your body will have less space for large portions in the latter stages of pregnancy so you might end up feeling bloated, nauseous, and like an over-inflated balloon about to explode. It’s not worth the discomfort, so eat less more frequently and do not starve yourself.

By Cleopatra Shava

Know other healthy pregnancy eating habits not mentioned above? Let us know below!

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