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The Holiday Homes Africa offering is different to the RCI approach to holidaying in that there is no membership requirement for potential holiday makers wishing to book self-catering holidays; no monthly levies are charged – it’s a pay as you stay model; and unlike the resort holiday offering through RCI, holiday makers stay in private holiday homes.

Holiday Homes Africa offers holidays you won’t find in regular tourism guide books – these self-catered holidays are the most affordable way of getting away in style. It’s a really sensible option for groups of friends and families – the living areas in holiday homes provide much needed space for relaxed holiday time and fun together. Your space is your own – no shared common rooms nor co-residents. And flexibility is the name of the game – no fixed meal times nor schedules to adhere to… just enjoy your holiday your own way.

But if pink is the new black then it’s safe to say that self-catered rental homes are fast becoming the equivalent in the global holiday accommodation arena. The increasingly savvy holidaymaker is definitely seeking better value for money and more flexible holiday options, outside of the restrictive hotel or timeshare gambit. Hence the worldwide move towards self-catering accommodation alternatives, particularly ones that offer style and individuality as part of the deal.

Never before has there been so much choice, so easily accessible and so dependable, in the self-catered holiday market. Prices range from affordable to extravagant; holidays range from local to international; with experiences ranging from adventure sports to golf and, for those who prefer rest and relaxation during their hard-earned holiday break, idyllic country hideaways and ever-popular beach stays.

Now it’s all available right here in South Africa. By utilising VRG global methodology, Holiday Homes Africa is able to apply internationally consistent standards and decades of know-how in delivering quality self-catering holidays in South Africa. So while the homes available from Holiday Homes Africa can be exotic and aspirational, their internationally recognised grading system ensures a good mix of homes in a variety of price brackets.

Homes listed with Holiday Homes Africa all undergo the group’s strict grading approval system when they are signed up. The homes are managed and maintained by the group to their own international standards of cleanliness, safety, comfort and convenience. In addition, daily servicing can be requested during your stay. On-the-ground customer service centres, contactable 24-hours a day, provide peace of mind.

Holiday Homes Africa has signed up homes on the Cape Peninsula, the Garden Route and Durban North and South Coast. There are also several homes in game, birding and nature reserve inland areas across South Africa. These are the initial areas from which rental properties have been sourced, but additional destinations in South Africa and the Indian Ocean islands will be added as operations expand through 2006/7.

Extended holidays of a couple of weeks, as well as mid-week stays and weekend stop-overs can be booked with Holiday Homes Africa.

Weekend Breaks:

– Two-night breaks start on Fridays and Saturdays, at 60% of the quoted weekly rate.

– Three-night breaks start on Fridays – the extra night is free.

Mid-Week Breaks:

– Three-night breaks start on Mondays and Tuesdays, at 40% of the quoted rate.

– Four-night breaks start on Mondays – the extra night is free.

The best way to start the process is to contact the national call centre or visit the Holiday Homes Africa website. Accommodation can be accessed in the following countries:

South Africa, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Unlike timeshare, a pay-as-you-stay model is used to calculate the cost of staying in a Holiday Homes Africa-listed property and the fee is based on weekly rental rates or a percentage of the weekly rate for shorter stays. In all cases, you only pay for the holiday time booked in the home.

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