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Holiday Hoopla

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One coach, one evening, six destinations

Get ready for the Holiday Hoopla, an exclusive event taking place on Sunday, 17th of December 2006 whereby guests can enjoy drinks and snacks at six unbelievable hotels – all on one evening! Your first stop will be registration at the Grace Hotel before being whisked by coach to the Park Hyatt, the pool at Melrose Arch, the kitchen at Food on the Move, the lawn at The Saxon, the Peech Hotel in Melrose, and finally back to the Grace Hotel for the final course (and gift!).

Another unique aspect of this experience will be the festive menu, whereby each chef will design a tasting portion of food perfectly matched with a specially selected Cloof Wine. The cost of R315 per person includes parking, the coach ride to the various venues, all food and wine, Ceres Fruit Juice, Wildeklawer Sweet Onion and a fantastic gift! This exclusive event is brought to you by Cloof Wines (see below for the Cloof Wines Special Offer), Wildeklawer Sweet Onion (watch this space as we are about to launch a recipe competition in which you can win an amazing R10 000 in cash!) and Ceres Fruit Juices; delicious on their own but just wait until you taste the cocktails! Book your ticket now – we are in the mood to spoil you!


Sunday, 17th of December 2006


R315 per person includes parking, coach, tasting glass of Cloof wine per course, tasting menu per venue, Ceres Fruit Juice & gift back at the Grace Hotel plus Wildeklawer Sweet Onion.


17h00 – 22h00


The Grace Hotel, Rosebank

Enjoy a glass of Cloof Wine with canapés


The coach will depart from the Grace Hotel for the next venue promptly at 17:30


Food on the Move

Grace Hotel

Hyatt Hotel

Melrose Arch Hotel

Peech Hotel

Saxon Hotel


Degustation Menu. Each venue will serve a tasting portion and the menu will not be available until the day.


The coach will return to the Grace Hotel for dessert and coffee


There are only 60 seats available and they will go on a first come first paid basis; please note the information required below which should be sent to

– First name and surname

– Work land line with extension

– Cell phone number

– How many people you would like to reserve for (maximum of 6 people per booking)

– Payment (EFT) to confirm the booking will have to be made within 12 hours (details will be sent once the reservation is confirmed)

Please Note:

We reserve the right to change the venues and the menu due to unforeseen circumstances.

Cloof Special Offer

Cloof made various batches of Shiraz in 2004, the smallest of which was the Crucible Shiraz, recently awarded the Regional Trophy on the Decanter Wine Awards. The majority of the balance ended up in various blends with either cabernet, pinotage, or both.

But there was one batch they could not bear to blend. The grapes had come from Cloof’s neighbouring farm, Burghers Post, and had produced so gorgeously fruity a wine that they’d aged it in barrels (a large portion of which were new). By the time the wine was ready for bottling, the combination of concentrated juicy fruit and French oak made an irresistible package.

In fact, the attractiveness of the wine was such that it could only be called ‘s~xy’, hence The Very S~xy Shiraz.

Order 12 bottles of The Very S~xy Shiraz at, and Cloof will give you 6 Austrian crystal glasses valued at over R600. These glasses were specially selected to complement this wine. With a bowl size of 700ml, they are guaranteed to impress your guests.

The offer price of R828 includes VAT, delivery, and those fabulous glasses.

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