Hotel Restaurants To Visit In Johannesburg

Hotel restaurants is where you’ll find some of the best food, so we’ve put a list together informing you of the best hotels to get the best food at.

hotel restaurants

Flames, Westcliff Hotel

The open flamed food of the Flames restaurant is fuelled by the warm spirit of Johannesburg. Head to the Westcliff Hotel for a gourmet rendition of our classic shisanyama variety. A traditional braai won’t be a braai without good beer, right? No worries, Flames has that covered.

Level Four, 54 on Bath Hotel

From high tea to lunch and dinner filled with all things necessary to pull off the perfect date, Level Four is the venue to grab grub at. It’s the kind of place where the champagne flows like water and the chef knows his way around the kitchen. Level Four also stocks auction wines catering to collectors.

Qunu, Saxon Hotel

Fine dining to the max! That’s what Qunu at the Saxon Hotel is all about. The portions are much bigger than one would expect and the vibe is brilliant and beautiful. Be sure to make a booking in advance as the restaurant is in high demand.

Piccolo Mondo, Michelangelo Hotel

What’s there not to love about an Italian styled a la carte menu put together by British born executive chef Rob Creaser? If fine dining is what you’re looking for then look no further than the Piccolo Mondo and their amazing gourmet dinners. The hotel restaurant is a proud member of the Chaine de Rostiesseurs, a stalwart society governed by the special mantra fine dining demands.

OneNINEOne Restaurant, Hyatt Regency Hotel

In Rosebank there is a stylish, modern restaurant that is the sensation of Johannesburg. The OneNineOne Restaurant is a cosmopolitan setting with a modern, ethnic surrounding offering a menu reflecting the inspired cuisine that is a benchmark of this amazing restaurant.


Have we missed your favourite hotel restaurant? Why not tell us all about it in the comments section below, and maybe show this lovely little top pick piece to your friends, family and prospective dates. 

By Shawn Greyling

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