How To Survive The First Year Of Being A Student On A Tight Budget

So you’re in your first year of studies, finding your way around life and trying to be adult! Times are tough, and as a student, your money is probably pretty tight. Here are some tips to make your days at varsity a bit easier.


Apply For Bursaries

This is the easiest way to afford your funding and it’ll take a huge load of your shoulders, and your parents’, too. There’s nothing wrong with extra funding, especially when it comes to tuition fees. It’s also way better than paying back tuition debt for most of your life! Do your research and check out what funding schemes are available at your campus.

Look For Specials In Everything

Whether you’re dining, shopping or going out on the town, look for a reasonable place with prices to match. There are plenty of student specials at restaurants, bars and clubs. Plus, this applies when it comes to textbooks, too! You don’t need new ones, second hand ones are just as great.

Get A Part-Time Job

There is nothing wrong with getting a part-time job during your first year – just don’t let it get in the way of your studies! Remember why you’re there… the best way not to get distracted is getting a job on campus that’s related to your field of study. If that does not work out, try out getting a job in retail or an internship where you can learn more about the working world.


Make Use Of Your Student Status

Yes, you’re a student and you can finally be proud of your age… embrace it! Open up a student bank account and cash in on the savings, uber specials and student nights where you pay slashed prices for most things. Remember you don’t always have to go out, though… hit the grocery store and learn how to cook for yourself! It’ll save you big bucks.

Avoid Fines

Avoid all things that will cost you unnecessary money, whether it’s losing your student card, getting annoying parking tickets, losing library books and having to pay fines. Just be careful and responsible and you’ll avoid these unnecessary expenses.

Enjoy varsity!

By Neo Sesinye

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