How to Throw the Ultimate Match-Day Get Together

What’s match day without a dop and chop? Here’s Joburg’s guide to hosting the best match day ever.



Match Warm-Up

We want to sit down and eat while we watch the game, right? There is some kind of poetic beauty in yelling at the referee with a mouth full of potato salad. We’re South Africans and we’re going to have a braai. Match starts at 09:00? All good – we’ll start the fire at 07:30. Steak on the braai should do it. Don’t have any marinade in the cupboard? Don’t worry, click here for the best marinade you can make from scratch.

Kick off

We live in a country where there’s a new craft beer on the market every second month. Pop down to the bottle store and grab a six pack of micro brewed suds. The taste is amazing and the buzz brilliant. Not too sure which brewhouse to go for? Click here for our favourite Joburg based breweries.

Half Time

Halfway there, boys! Looking good. It’s time to take a loo break and set up the snack before the second half starts. Wash your hands before entering the kitchen, chief. Devilled eggs are nice but this is not a tea party. Nachos for the win. If you make a big dish of it then you and your buddies can just dig in. There’s plenty for all. Click here for our awesome and easy Game Day Nachos.

Full Time

The game has reached its climax and the guys were kind enough to give us the win. Just because we like our rugby hardcore and our football fast doesn’t mean we don’t like sweet stuff. How about some bourbon marshmallow s’mores topped with crispy bacon and melted dark chocolate? Yes! Click here for the recipe.

Let us know what you thought about our match day setup, and maybe share it with a buddy or three and get the ball rolling – pun intended.


By Shawn Greyling

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