HYPOXI gets YOU into Tip Top Shape!

HYPOXI gets YOU into Tip Top Shape!

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The Joburg team sent Rochelle to HYPOXI to try out some of their treatments. Read her review.

In everyday life – with its irregular, fast meals, stress and frantic pace – healthy living habits are frequently the first to suffer. Incorrect nutrition combined with little or no exercise leads to unsightly fat accumulation on the abdomen, hips and thighs. These are precisely the area that HYPOXI therapy targets, delivering visible results naturally and rapidly. Just 30-minutes per training session it is possible to get back into “top shape” quickly. The new found sensation of wellbeing will benefit your overall appearance.

Diets and exercise do not always reduce excess weight in the desired places. This is because the body will not burn fat in areas where the circulation is poor. The better the circulation the easier it is to eliminate fat. Areas with poor circulation become problematic.

The HYPOXI therapy’s recipe for success is based on specific devices that offer an innovative combination of three proven methods for treating the respective problem area: the low pressure phase generated by a vacuum increases blood flow in the problem areas; the high pressure phase helps the lymphatic system and veins to eliminate toxins and fatty acids; gentle exercise stimulates metabolism and burns the fat deposits once and for all. A modern computer control system on each HYPOXI device ensures the optimum flow of your personalised therapy programme automatically.

To read Success Stories visit the Hypoxi website – www.hypoxisa.co.za

HYPOXI Centurion now open
HYPOXI SA is pleased to announce the opening of HYPOXI Centurion at the exclusive premises of Nanita Dalton Laser, Skin and Body Institute. HYPOXI Centurion is the first HYPOXI Member Studio to open under management contract by HYPOXI SA. HYPOXI offers a total of 11 years exclusive wellness and beauty experience; ensuring clients the best results for a complete body transformation.

Highly qualified, professional and passionate therapists offer clients an unrivalled refined experience; the latest developments and technology on hand – now including HYPOXI Therapy, a comprehensive range of specifically designed treatments (Botox, Restylane/Perlane Injections etc) and selected professional products. Both recognized and accepted by the most professional, national and international associations.

Address: Nanita Dalton Laser, Skin and Body Institute, 99 Lenchen Avenue North, Centurion.

Contact +27 12 663 1041/2/3 or viisit the Nanita Dalton website.

Become a HYPOXI member and be part of the success story!
In just 10 years, HYPOXI has gone from being a newcomer to a globally active enterprise. HYPOXI GmbH headquarters is based in Salzburg Austria; they are the world’s leading supplier of devices for targeted body shaping. HYPOXI’s visibility in the most exclusive gyms, beauty salons, health spas and hotels around the world has ensured both international recognition and positioning. Today, more than 250,000 users enjoy the benefits of HYPOXI Therapy in over 2,000 studios located across 30 countries worldwide; Europe, the UK, United States, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Middle East and now South Africa; HYPOXI is the most recognizable success story in effective weight loss and body shaping.

Therefore whether you’re looking to add and make HYPOXI an extension of an established business or if you’re looking for a good business opportunity, HYPOXI is the proven formula to maximize profits and minimize the waistline – BECOME A HYPOXI Member!

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