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In September HYPOXI Therapy signed up a total of 30 Joburg.co.za readers who had read about HYPOXI in the August newsletter. Below are their testimonials.

I read about HYPOXI on Joburg.co.za year ago and finally decided to give the treatment ago as I was off to Mauritius and needed to get myself into a sexy bikini for my fiancé. I went in for an introductory treatment and was blown over by the friendliness and professionalism of Chene and her staff. An informative presentation was done and all bases of the treatment was covered and I was assured of a real result that would be sustainable. With this in mind I decided to finally give it a shot! After the first 6 treatments I lost 22cm in total and felt great. With the stimulation of the blood in the system I have a lot more energy and concentration. My water intake increased dramatically and I did not feel forced to drink water which is great. After the 15th treatment I was measured again and lost in total 33cm – which I could not believe as it is over a Ruler’s Length. I must admit HYPOXI really works and would recommend it to anybody that wants to lose centimetres. I have signed up for my next course of 15 treatments – I simply love it!

What a great way to detox and lose the winter weight gain. My goal was to quickly shake off that extra layer that I’ve added during the winter and managed to reduce about 10cm in total within the midriff area, with the added advantage of feeling so much better due to the detox of the HYPOXI system. I would definitely recommend this to anyone as it works and the results are guaranteed.

The first time I heard about HYPOXI, I was extremely sceptical. I have lost 25 kg over the last year through readjusting my lifestyle and eating habits as well as regular gym sessions. The one area that was always a problem and where I seem to not lose any more was on my waist and stomach. I have tried everything and thought that the only option left would be liposuction. I was invited to a free HYPOXI session and decided to give it a go. I booked for 15 treatments, 3 times a week. Within the first week I started feeling tightness around my stomach area and was amazed at the results of my first measurements. At the end of the 15 treatments the results were astonishing. I lost a total of 28 cm over my chest, waist, stomach and hips with 8cm over my waist and 9cm over my stomach!! I would definitely recommend HYPOXI to anyone who would like to see and feel a difference over those problem areas.


To say I was sceptical is an understatement. But I went along for the free trial run and booked my 15 treatments and looked forward to the results. I was already following a balanced diet and with just a few changes that were easy to adjust too. I was amazed with my measurements after the first two weeks – 7cm and 2kg! What was also super was the texture of the skin on my thighs which was smoother and had less cellulite than before! What a bonus! I still have 9 treatments left and look forward to completing my course. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone that wants to lose centimetres.

I was very sceptical about HYPOXI and the results that the treatment could deliver. I’m a gym and spinning fanatic and believed that you could only lose weight and cm in the gym but I have been proven wrong. In total I lost 2kg and 9cm in the midriff area after ONLY 6 treatments, this I can assure you can not be done with normal gym training. The treatments were easy to fit into my schedule as it only took 30-minutes and the staff were always ready for me. Another benefit was that I started to drink more water and the treatment actually improved my sleep pattern. My wife and Tracey (her review is above mine) would definitely recommend this treatment!

Wow wow wow! I read about this treatment and finally decided to try it. All I have to say is that if you want to lose weight and centimetres then this is the treatment for you. After completing 15 treatments I lost a total of 36cm / 7cm off my stomach (which Chene told me is a dress size and more) / 13cm off my hips. HYPOXI really does target problem areas – an unbelievable experience. Would I recommend this? For sure!

I’m 40 yrs of age, super fit athletic person that works hard on my body. With age and hormones unfortunately I developed a storage facility around my tummy and hips and no matter how much I ran I simply could not lose the fat in those areas. I am not in favour of cosmetic surgery and decided to give HYPOXI a go after doing my own research. I achieved my goal having lost 2.5kg / 21.5cm in total (6cm off my tummy and 3cm off my hips – I dropped a whole dress size). I recommend this to anyone – big or small – if you want to change your body with sustainable result give HYPOXI a go.

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