HYPOXI Therapy shapes Beach-Beautiful Bodies

HYPOXI Therapy shapes Beach-Beautiful Bodies

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With only 5 weeks to go, there is no need to hide your head in the sand – get your body beach beautiful and drop a dress size. Use the remaining time effectively! HYPOXI offers a last minute workout that targets the problem areas of the abdomen, legs and buttocks directly.

If you are looking for fast results, crash diets and intensive fitness training are common answers. However, the desired effects often fail to materialise: you may lose weight, but usually not in the places where those unsightly fat deposits are located. The HYPOXI therapy’s recipe for success for targeted body shaping is based on three proven methods: moderate exercise for stimulating metabolism; compression therapy for supporting the vascular and lymphatic system; and vacuum therapy, as it is practiced in for example cupping massage. Combined with innovative technology, HYPOXI has developed various devices for the targeted treatment of different problem areas, fulfilling the dream of a firm, shapely figure in record time. Visible results are achieved faster than in conventional exercising by increasing blood circulation. That is because when eliminating fat, the better the circulation, and the easier it is to carry that fat away.

To read Success Stories visit the Hypoxi website – www.hypoxisa.co.za

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In just 10 years, HYPOXI has gone from being a newcomer to a globally active enterprise. Hypoxi GmbH headquarters is based in Salzburg Austria; they are the world’s leading supplier of devices for targeted body shaping. Hypoxi’s visibility in the most exclusive gyms, beauty salons, health spas and hotels around the world has ensured both international recognition and positioning. Today, more than 250,000 users enjoy the benefits of Hypoxi Therapy in over 2,000 studios located across 30 countries worldwide; Europe, the UK, United States, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Middle East and now South Africa; Hypoxi is the most recognizable success story in effective weight loss and body shaping.

Therefore whether you’re looking to add and make Hypoxi an extension of an established business or if you’re looking for a good business opportunity, Hypoxi is the proven formula to maximize profits and minimize the waistline – BECOME A HypoxiMember!

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