I like Mondays

I like Mondays

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More often than not Monday evenings are when you arrive home tired, in a foul mood, and want to do nothing more than sit on the couch and watch Greys Army Wife’s Practice or whatever predictable garbage is on TV.

Get out the house and do something! Here are a few Monday night happenings you might want to take note of:

Rock on Beethoven
Rock on! Beethoven is the sequel to Roll over Beethoven, one of the longest running and most successful Barnyard Shows. The show will run until December 31st 2010, so you have plenty of time to book and make one Monday less manic.
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Free Burger!
Ok, so their promotion is a little misleading but you are sure to beat, or rather, eat away, the Monday blues with Spur’s “buy one, get one free” hamburger promotion. Awesome value for families, hungry student and bachelors who hate cooking ie. Me.
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Now this is a great way to spend a Monday evening – the Capital Hotel School and Training Academy together with Sharbel Wine will host a brilliant Wine & Food Expo on Monday, 25th October 2010. Let’s be honest, a glass of good wine is the BEST way to lift the spirits!
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Be a clever Trevor
Monday nights are also when many pubs host Quiz Evenings. These tend to come and go and venues change regularly, but one that is currently running takes place at Mamma’s Shebeen Quizwizz night (where prizes include as iPods, DVD contracts, gym vouchers, book vouchers and CD’s) in Greenside. Call Larry to book 082 888 5355.

Jen Tile: Straight out of Norwood

Something wrong with the world today

If you are a fan of theatre, or any show for that matter, be it a concert, recital or movie, you would like to think that the piece of entertainment you are watching has been carefully crafted. That some downtrodden, socially inept genius has spent years in his mothers’ basement perfecting a script, a musical score or guitar solo.

If you have this idealistic thought running around your head you had best learn to block it out or learn to deal with disappointment. It turns out that artistry and careful planning are the last things that go into modern entertainment. I don’t know if you have seen the news, I felt a part of me die when I read it, but the Spice Girls are set to return in a stage musical. The best part? They don’t have a storyline yet.

Isn’t that putting the cart before the horse? Surely you should at least have a script or an idea for a script before announcing that you are going to put on a show. All the press has been told at the moment is that the musical aims to “create a unique celebration of the band and its music.” The only time the words “celebrate” have ever been used in a sentence with “Spice Girls” is when they announced their break-up.

I am less than thrilled. At some point this production will tour, and when it gets to South Africa I will be the sod who has to review it. Is it fair that I should be subjected to the Spice Girls a second time around? My niece used to leave their first CD on repeat years ago and I am still going for tints to hide the grey hairs that album caused.

All it does is prove that entertainment today is more about commercial success than artistry. Oh, I have no doubt that whoever plays the part of the Spice Girls in the musical will be able to sing (possibly better than the REAL Spice Girls) but I can’t help thinking that all producers ever do is re-hash the works of popular artists rather than create something new or exciting.

It’s not all bad news though. Certain businesses will benefit from their inevitable revival – like people who sell ear plugs, alcohol or Valium.

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