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Pets Mirror Humans As New Mature Life-Stage Is Revealed


The human concept of middle age no longer exists – welcome to the Third Age, the years between 45 and 60, when we are still active and vital. We may not feel as young as we did when we were teenagers, but we do not look or feel in any way ‘senior’. The exact same applies to our pets, according to the “50 Is The New 30” Report, carried out by The Iams Company. After an in-depth look into the life-stages of our pets, the respected pet food experts found that pets have their own Third Age between the ages of seven and eleven. This unique life-stage has been defined as Iams Active Maturity (for cats) and Eukanuba Mature (for dogs) to provide them with the essential nutrients they need.

Human Third Agers are in the prime of life but the first signs of ageing are just beginning to appear – slightly stiff joints in the morning, greying hair and general slowing down can affect all of us. And just like humans, pets in this Mature life-stage are starting to experience subtle changes within their bodies; although they are still active, enjoying playing and socialising and living life to the full, they start to become more prone to weight gain, skin and coat changes and deterioration in joint health. But with proper nutrition and care, Iams believes that it is possible to bring the same youthful health to our pets as we expect in our adult years, helping our friends to stay as agile and mobile as we are.

Iams has been contributing to the healthier living of both cats and dogs in 70 countries across the globe and understands the importance of a well-balanced diet. In celebration of its 60th birthday, this leader in nutritional pet food is giving-away 3 kg bags of Iams Active Maturity cat food and 15kg bags of Eukanuba Mature dog food to the public during the month of May – while stocks last. Animal lovers with pets between the ages of seven and eleven should contact the toll-free Iams Consumer Care Line on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 08h30 and 10h30 to secure their free bag of pet food. These premium pet food products are also available to purchase at veterinarians countrywide.

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