If you can’t go to Comedy – let Comedy come to you!

If you can’t go to Comedy – let Comedy come to you!

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I hope that after you read this you will be more convinced of going to watch stand-up comedy in Joburg or using Comedy at your next event.

Laughter is universal. You watch someone walk into a glass door and initially there are anxious pangs of concern, but deep down you cannot resist the urge to laugh!

So how do you laugh without others having to endure pain and embarrassment ? Simple. Go watch comedy. If you have not been to a comedy show – no worries – all is not lost in your world! Comic Revolution is embarking on a campaign to Get Joburg Laughing! We endeavor to inform you of as many comedy and comedy related events happening in Joburg. From big theatre shows to your local restaurant or pub that – you will be surprised to find out – comedy is more accessible than initially expected. And there is always something for everyone.

More importantly – Comic Revolution is available for hire! Any Event… Any Budget… Any Time!
Contact us and we can add value to your event. Let us quote you on the services of MC’s, Comedians, Ventriloquists, Magicians – we also book bands and DJ’s. Comedy is a great addition to any event.

Who am I to TELL YOU what funny is and where to go? Well besides being a so-so comedian for 7 years I quickly realised that there is a business side to comedy and so I’ve used my ‘people skills’ to find a way to engage you all through this newsletter. Comic Revolution has been producing and managing comedic talent for over 6 years. We are firmly entrenched in converting public opinion of South Africans towards stand-up Comedy.

So here is a quality Comedy event that is happening in Johannesburg over the next 2 weeks:

Trevor Noah – Scratch That
Until Sunday, 5th December 2010
The Fringe @ Joburg Theatre
Book tickets

Yours in Comedy,

Rabin Harduth

Contact Rabin by following the links alongside.

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