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Imagine IPS was established in 1999 to provide corporate Internet solutions to a select group of clients. Since our inception we have grown to include a variety of Communications, Networking and Development services that are tailored to suit the individual needs of our broad range of clients.

Imagine IPS has always made a commitment to providing solutions that are reliable, efficient and cost-effective. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide our clients with one point of access for all of their IT requirements. We offer our clients a complete package – from their connectivity and VOIP solutions, to support, development and security.

| communications |

Over the past 5 years, we have expanded our communication offerings to encompass almost any and all ‘Internet’ related communications technologies available in South Africa. We are continually striving to develop and implement new ways to improve and upgrade our service levels for our clients. From VOIP, Leased Lines, Broadband ADSL and Dial-Ups, to SMS gateway services, bulk e-Newsletters and faxing solutions – Imagine IPS can provide your company with almost any communications tools they require.

| networking |

Imagine’s technical development team has created centralised systems that assist corporations in managing and securing their networks. Networking services available from Imagine IPS include support, online backup solutions, advanced bandwidth management services, firewalling solutions, network anti-virus and faxing solutions, System Security Audit services, and eMail spam and virus filtering.

| development |

Through the use of an in-house creative development team, custom development projects (such as intranet development and customised applications development) are undertaken to provide solutions that are unique to each client. From the design, implementation and hosting of web-enabled database systems for attorneys and medical aid corporations, to the design, implementation and hosting of corporate Intranets and websites, Imagine IPS has excelled in supplying clients with secure, custom designed solutions to suit their specific needs.

Through a belief in establishing and developing long term relationships Imagine IPS seeks to provide unique tailored solutions to satisfy every aspect of the IT requirements of our clients.

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