Indulgent Portabello Hamburgers

Indulgent Portabello Hamburgers

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Serves: 2

Preparation time:
15 minutes

Cooking time:
20 minutes


2 large portabello or large field mushrooms
15ml/1 tbsp olive oil
½ clove garlic, crushed
salt and ground black pepper
2 crusty ciabatta rolls
crisp lettuce
sliced tomatoes
sliced cucumber
hummus to serve
1½ cups of oven chips or potatoes


  1. Prepare oven chips, as per instruction, in the oven.
  2. Place the mushrooms in a shallow dish; add the oil, garlic and seasoning and toss until the mushrooms are evenly coated. Leave to marinate for at least 10 minutes.
  3. Cook the mushrooms over hot barbecue coals or in a griddle pan for 8-10 minutes turning once until browned on both sides and tender when tested with a fork. Transfer to a plate, gill side down and leave for 5 minutes.
  4. Toast the ciabatta rolls under the grill. Fill with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and top with the mushrooms. Delicious served with hummus spooned over. Divide chips into two portions and serve.

Okay, so this week was a bit of a challenge. We ate out twice and over-indulged on flapjacks on Sunday afternoon, and so we only managed three “mushroom” meals this week. The hamburger recipe was quite an interesting one, especially as we’re not really a “hamburger” family. I think Kayla can count on one hand the number of times she has had a burger (don’t ask about pizza though, we eat a LOT of pizza!) It’s also the first time we have used anything other than the little white or brown mushrooms, so I was pretty keen to see what Kayla would do. Shelli was sulking because I wouldn’t add parmesan cheese to her burger. She’ll get over it.

I didn’t like the sound of hummus on a burger – you’ve got me eating mushrooms instead of a beef patty, so don’t push your luck with the hummus. (We used some ‘real’ mayonnaise). I also bought Pumpkin Seed and Sesame Rolls from Woolworths (Heat & Eat) instead of Ciabatta – they’re still crunchy but don’t go as “solid” as Ciabatta if it sits for a while. I also used Rocket instead of lettuce to give it a bit more flavour (peppery, rather than the blander lettuce) and bought really nice Italian tomatoes. (God, I sound gay). And I made chips with Sweet Potatoes instead of normal oven chips – very good actually (microwave the sweet potatoes until soft – about 6 minutes on high – then slice into eighths, sprinkle with olive oil and salt, and roast under the grill till crisp – about 8 to 10 minutes).

I have to say that I didn’t miss the meat that much. Rather surprising. And both Shelli and I felt incredibly full afterwards. I think this is a very good option for weekend lunch, or quick dinners. We’ll definitely eat it again.

White button says:

Good news for you this week Stephen is that, besides feeling satisfied after your mushroom burger meal this week (so, real men do eat mushrooms!) your portabella burger also provided you with almost 1/3 of your Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of selenium – that essential mineral that protects against prostate cancer. Just another reason to add us to your diet.

This has to be my favourite “mushroom meal” so far. I normally don’t like hamburgers, and am not a great fan of eating bread at night, but this was SO good. The Sweet Potato chips were my absolute best – crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. And I am so relieved Stephen didn’t add the hummus – it’s fine as a dip but I can’t imagine it on a burger! I ate my entire burger and then the rest of Kayla’s – I felt SO full for a bit but still incredibly energetic. Am quite amazed actually.

Kayla was a little dubious about the Portabello mushroom, and so I held her burger for her while she had a few bites. She had about three Sweet Potato oven chips and then decided she was done. Am happy that she is at least trying some new foods, even if she doesn’t eat as much as she normally does.

Sadly, the FS (Flapjack Saga) resulted in no weight loss for me this week. Stephen has lost some weight – could also because of three boxing sessions this week. (No swimming or running yet, despite the impending OtillO!)

White button says:

I am so sorry to hear about the Flapjack saga as that does impact on the success of your mushroom swap diet! But good news for you is that with each mushroom meal you have, you consume on average 1138 fewer kilojoules and 21g less fat … so maybe you just need to up the number of mushroom meals you consume this week?

This wasn’t nice for me. The mushrooms are too big.

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