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Accessing Personal Power
1-day seminar

Includes: The Genius Pattern from the Well-Known
3 day APG course

Accessing Personal Power is an intensive 1-day training in which you will be accessing the fundamental components, the basic elements, that come together to create personal power. First we will identify them and then we will use the basic models of NLP and Neuro-Semantics to take them from mere concepts, ideas, even beliefs and integrate them so fully that you become centred and grounded in them. You will develop a felt sense that you have these personal powers to be the “author” (“authority”) of your own life. Then, being true to your highest and best, you will live your life rather than being a puppet of someone else’s ideas.

In this program, you will learn to access certain complex states of mind and emotion like acceptance, appreciation, awe, meaning-making, permission, intentionality, focus, and accountability for the purpose of setting these higher level states as your mental and emotional frames. And when you do that, then as your frame of mind and your reference frame, these states with all of the rich powers within them will empower you.

Who should consider attending this seminar?
– Individuals and organisations committed to personal empowerment.
– Individuals wanting an Introduction to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Neuro-Semantics®.
– Managers and supervisors wanting to create peak performance in themselves, and their teams.
– Parents and Teachers wanting skills for communicating, parenting and teaching kids and teens.
– Individuals wanting to increase their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and ability to feel empowered.
– Managers and leaders wanting to increase their employees EQ and empower them.
– Individuals wanting to break through limitations and blocks that prevent having a good relationship with self.
– Couples wanting to create more passion and intimacy in their relationship through empowering themselves and their partners.
– Psychologists, counsellors and therapists wanting an introduction to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Neuro-Semantics®.

In this Accessing Personal Power Training you will experience many powerful exercises with enlightening and practical theory for being able to empower yourself with skill, intention and awareness whenever you desire! And this, as you will discover, will enable you to actualise your highest and best.

What are the benefits that you’ll get from this training?
– Communicate with your self in an empowering way and set executive frames for greater resourcefulness and personal emotional management.
– Induce the most resourceful states for yourself and others.
– Power-up with your natural powers for taking action and behaving effectively.
– Take personal responsibility for yourself by owning your power for proactive response-ability.
– Live from a sense of personal empowerment and value.
– Be centred in a solid sense of personal worth and value while interacting with others.
– Move from an un-resourceful state to a resourceful state instantly.
– Improve your ability to manage states that will further increase both your I.Q and E.Q. and enable you to feel in control of yourself.
– Unconditionally esteem yourself.
– Take an intentional stance with your highest objectives and values.
– Eliminate attention deficit with intentional fullness.
– Develop a laser beam focus for a healthy genius state.
– Graciously handle interruptions via discreet state shifting skills.
– Learn new ideas about people and life that are useful for living an empowered and full life.

Next Dates:

February – 1-day Seminar:
Saturday 28th February 2009
Venue: Silverwood Manor, Bryanston, Johannesburg

March – Evening course – 3 sessions
Mondays 2nd, 9th and 16th March, 18h00 to 21h00
Venue: Tbc, Sandton, Johannesburg

Contact Inner Coaching on the details alongside for more information and to book your place!

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