Insek Album Launch

Insek Album Launch

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Tuesday, 20th of March is important for two reasons:

1) The next day is a public Holiday

2) It is the launch of Insek’s debut album, ‘Maaiers’ at the Bohemian, in Johannesburg.

Insek were formed two years ago and smash together elements of grind-core, punk and metal to originate a very technical high-speed sonic mash-up that will numb your sensibilities and tap right into the heart of your reptilian brain, short-circuiting your human intelligence and letting your inner Zombie loose.

Maaiers, their debut fell-length album release, was recorded in a bedroom in Johannesburg at an undisclosed location. The engineer and studio assistant have been killed to defile the innocent. 14 tracks of heavy-fuelled noise and agony make Maaiers the biggest, loudest and most in-your-face release since Yengeni got out of jail.

Insek are throwing a Zombie party on Tuesday, 20th of March to celebrate the launch of the album, so come dressed to scare and join in the un-dead fun! Insek will be joined on the nights by Jaxon rice and Dan Vegas from The Diesel Whores as well as Nul and DJ Agnes and cohorts.

Line-up: Insek and special guests Nul and The Dieselwhores unplugged.
Cover: R80 (Includes the disc) or R30 excluding the disc

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