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Inside Man

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Acclaimed actors DENZEL WASHINGTON, CLIVE OWEN and JODIE FOSTER come together to explore the lure of power, the ugliness of greed and the mystery of a perfect robbery in a combustible new crime drama from Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment – Inside Man. The powerhouse actors play tough New Yorkers who must outwit one another to protect competing interests in this skillfully penned and tightly helmed thriller. With on-screen presence that demands rapt attention, Washington, Owen and Foster portray characters who present every piece of an interlocking puzzle, but is every piece what it seems?

In a celebration of the heist films and police corruption movies of the ’70s, director SPIKE LEE (Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, 25th Hour) joins forces with Academy Award®-winning producer BRIAN GRAZER (Flightplan, Friday Night Lights, the upcoming The Da Vinci Code) to craft this pressure-cooker film in which nothing is as it seems, with an electrifying script by screenwriting newcomer RUSSELL GEWIRTZ.

The three key players – Washington as a newly promoted detective who must rise above a corruption scandal, Owen as a brilliant criminal who upends what we think we know about a bank robbery and Foster as a mysterious Manhattan power broker who gets exactly what her clients pay top dollar for – collide in Inside Man, in a mainstream potboiler for Spike Lee, who teases the audience with tricks of camera and twists of plot. By its didn’t-see-that-coming conclusion, Inside Man reveals itself as anything but your typical thriller.

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