Interview – Japan and I

Interview – Japan and I

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What are the plans for Japan and I in the coming months? Can fans expect some studio time?
To play lots and lots of gigs, getting awesome tattoos from Jaded Ink (our new sponsors), and hopefully we’ll be back in the studio SOON!

Rock ‘n Roll has largely been a male-dominated territory, how have you ladies managed with this and what has been your experience locally?
It’s cool, more boys for us! Ha-ha! We’ve actually had a great experience so far. We’re looking forward to female domination though! Coming soon!

What flavour of 2-minute noodles?
Dee Dee: Barbecue
Mandy: Cheese
Angela: Spicy Thai

What’s a cause you ladies feel strongly about?

Not eating animals!

If you could deliver a message to Kanye West about upstaging Taylor Swift receiving her award at the MTV VMAs, what would it be?
Dee Dee: Get over yourself!
Mandy: Ummmm…
Angela: Who’s Taylor Swift?

Describe an item of clothing that sums up your personal style.

Dee Dee: My cut-off jeans and big earrings.
Mandy: Poofy skirts!

Angela: My new brown DVS shoes, they’re awesome. And for free! (Yay! for our DVS sponsorship!)

What are some of Jozi’s best kept secrets?
The Secret Garden, double brandy and coke specials.

Where can you get the best food in Johannesburg?

Kara Nichas! Mandy’s muffins!

What is your most memorable gig to date?
Our first ever festival, at Woodstock in the Revolution tent a few years ago. We played in the afternoon and it was incredibly hot, but more people came to watch than we expected! We also had our back up dancers, the Singapores, who were awesome!

If girls aren’t made of “sugar and spice and all things nice” then what are they made of?
A nervous system and a couple of other vital organs…

When you’re not the third of an awesome band, what keeps you ladies busy?
Taking control of pirate ships and seizing the cannons!

What will you be doing on this upcoming public holiday?
We’re playing a super-rad show at the Bohemian with Rambling Bones, Dave Chislett, the Vendettas and more! Check out our Facebook page for more details, and come have some fun with us!

What are some words to live your life by?
Mandy:Chew and swallow!
Angela: Love, love, love!

Have you seen District 9 and what did you think?
Mandy: Yes! Yes! I still love prawns!
Dee Dee and Angela: Still trying to see it… we keep getting the time wrong! But we’re really amped to see it; we’ve heard it’s pretty good!

In 10 years time Japan and I will be….?
Old and out of control!

Catch Japan and I at their next gig:
Cool Runnings, Fourways
18h00 until late
Entrance is R50 for guys and girls get in for free! Fuzigish and Submachine also scheduled to play.

The band is:

Angela de Klerk – Guitar/ Vocals and Accordion
Mandy Marshall – Drums
Kara Fetting – Bass/ Vocals

To visit their Facebook page follow the links alongside

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