It’s all geek to me

It’s all geek to me

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Something called the Consumer Electronics Show has just taken place in, of all places, Las Vegas. This is the sort of show that attracts geeks from all over the world. They flock to the show to see what new gizmos will be on offer this year and wander around all day saying things like “awesome” and eating pizza. Then, being geeks, they Tweet about what they’ve seen on Twitter and exchange views with other geeks. If you’re not a geek you’ll feel a little bit left out of all this but, trust me, you don’t want to become a geek. Being a geek means that you have to give up any hope of a relationship with a member of the opposite sex because you’ll be too busy surfing, updating your Facebook entry, Twittering, blogging, gaming and playing with new gadgets (awesome) at three in the morning. Personal hygiene also tends to be a problem with a lot of geeks. They’re far too busy being geeks to wash or brush their teeth.

Eventually the geeks calm down and start to talk in a language normal people can understand and, if they are journalists, they write articles to tell the rest of us what to expect this year. There is a toy helicopter that can be controlled from your iPhone but I don’t think I’ll be rushing to buy one of those if they come on sale. There are great new developments in the cellphone market which is a bit discouraging for those of us who just want a cellphone to work properly and not to drop calls all the time. The new generation of cellphones will have all sorts of extras and will enable you to run every aspect of your life. What a ghastly thought!

The big news on the TV front is the possible introduction of 3D televisions. This presumably follows the box office success of the movie Avatar. Now, while I’m quite happy to sit in a cinema and put on 3D specs to watch Avatar, I’m not sure I want to wear 3D glasses around the house unless I’m watching that curvaceous weather girl on Sky TV. She would look great in 3D. The other problem with having 3D TV in your home is that it is very realistic and you’ll keep ducking to avoid things that look as though they are there but aren’t really. So I can’t really see 3D TV being a huge success.

What will be a huge success though are the tablet computers and the electronic readers. Tempted though I am to buy a Kindle Reader I have put the decision to purchase off for the moment. In the not too distant future both the quality and the price will improve dramatically as virtually every electronics manufacturer climbs onto what they believe will be the most lucrative electronics bandwagons for years. Personally I can’t wait to get my hands on a gadget that is about the size of an A4 sheet of paper and weighs a few hundred grams that can receive a variety of daily newspapers from all over the world and has 1000 good books stored in its memory banks. Awesome. Oh no….I think I’m turning into a geek. Where’s my medication?

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