It’s Time To Chill

It’s Time To Chill

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It’s very hard picking just ONE person that I think deserves the opportunity to chill, because I actually have quite a few people on my list. I seem to be surrounded by very accomplished, very competent and VERY energetic people that all somehow manage to make their lives seem easy. When I just battle to get up in the mornings. But enough about ME!

And so – I nominate my BFG (Best Friend Giselle). And not for the very obvious reason that as my best friend, she will have to share her Original* Iced Cocktails with ME, but actually because she has more of an impact on the lives around her than she realises. I could go on about the fact that she is raising three phenomenal children, working unbelievably hard, and still finding time to raise money for some very worthwhile causes. But it’s more than that. It’s actually because there are so many people in her life that have a story to tell about when they needed someone. And Giselle showed up. Every time. She has seen me through so many of the happiest and saddest moments of my life. I have laughed and cried with her, and drunk tea in my pajamas, and told her all the horrible parts of myself that I don’t want anyone else to know about. And still she is here. She is one of the most real and authentic people I know, and if ANYONE deserves to sit and drink cocktails and be thoroughly spoilt, then it’s her. She’s amazing. I hope she knows that.

Do you know someone who needs to chill out?

Nominate a friend and tell us why your friend needs to “chill out” – the author of the winning entry, as well as the nominated friend, will receive 3 x six-packs of Original* Iced cocktails.

So go on, nominate someone you think is deserving of this fabulous prize before Monday, 29th March 2010. Entries can be emailed to Shaun.

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