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Photography is their passion and at J & D Photography they reflect this in their photographs.

J & D is a new breed of wedding photographer. They think outside of the box to bring you “Freestyle” photography. J & D is a husband and wife team thus you get two photographers for the investment of one! This gives you maximum coverage from all angles.

They are part of an international forum of professional photographer where they share advice, methods and style with the worlds top wedding photographers.
This enables them to keep up with the latest photography trends and styles.

At J & D they have an “Engagement Session” as part of some of their collections. This is more a get to know the photographer’s session.

This session does 3 things for you as clients:

– They get to know you a little better (this way you do not have two total
strangers arriving the day of your wedding to take your photos!)

– You are able to use the photos for thank you cards or invitations.

– You can have one of the photos enlarges and have it placed in the reception area where the guests can write well wishes and messages on it for you.

This is a free session and will only take place if possible.

J & D use three state of the art digital cameras with the best lenses on the market. Using digital allows them to be more creative because they take a lot more images. They take up to 2000 images on a typical wedding day.

They take a lot of detail photographs to be able to tell a story of the day as it unfolds. J & D is one of the first studios in South Africa to provide the Story book album. The book is a magazine style album, with no loose photos in the book as the pages are the photos.

They choose the best 200-300 images (depending on the collection you selected) from the images taken on the day. All these images are then digitally enhanced. They look like photos from bridal magazines. They do not charge an extra hourly rate to do digital manipulation to these images, it is part of their services, not one photo will look like a film snap shot.

They also then provide you with contact sheets with all these enhanced photos for you to choose the ones you would like printed as part of your collection.

J & D also provide a photo DVD set to music of your choice.

All the enhanced photos will be on this DVD.

When you reserve their services, they are yours for the whole day. They do not limit you on the number of hours they will be at the reception and never book more than one wedding per day.

There is no traveling charge if the wedding takes place in Gauteng, the Muldersdrift area or within a 100 km radius from Pretoria.

The photographs and DVD’s are the only things you will have left of your precious day. The flowers will be dead in a weeks time and the hangover will be forgotten in a days time, this is why they always recommend to potential clients to cut the budget on the flowers and the bar bill, and spend a little more on a photographer that will capture your special memories!

In 50 years time you can show your grand children how your day unfolded with all the detail captured.


State of the art video, audio and editing equipment is used. Wedding Video is filmed, edited, produced using quality digital video equipment, photography multimedia equipment and software integration producing superb quality Wedding VHS or Wedding DVD.

Wedding Video is combined with music, edited with special editing effects including black-and-white video or slow motion reliving wedding memories.

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