JB Train Tours Year-end Function!

JB Train Tours Year-end Function!

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Make an impression at your company or client and suggest that the 2005 Year-end function should be held on a train trip. The J B Train Tour will consist of only six carriages, divided into three sections. Each section will consist of a lounge car (with bar) and an 88-seater carriage. It means that three different groups or companies or clubs, etc. could be on the same train, each with its own lounge car and 88-seater carriage, without mingling with the other groups. In total we would be able to accommodate only 9 groups/companies on 3 trips in November 2005. Included: Train trip, entertainment, platters, Décor, security and lots of FUN! The Route: The train will travel in a circular route to no-where and back to point of departure, a + 6 hour trip. BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment!

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