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Jenna Clifford is the name behind two innovative and dynamic brands – Jenna Clifford Fine Jewellery and Renaissance by Jenna Clifford. The product epitomises the passion and creativity that is associated with this undisputed leader in jewellery design.

For over a decade, Jenna Clifford (Pty) Ltd has been enticing clients with its innovative designs and superb craftsmanship. The exquisite pieces it has created over the years have often become clsssic – from the diamond and saphire encrusted pieces to the personalised designs for specific individuals. It stands in the forefront of a highly competitive business today, capturing passion and spirit in breathtakingly beautiful works of art.

Sophisticated glamorous and bold in style, Jenna Clifford jewellery makes generous use of the coloured gems mixed with gold and diamonds. Different shapes, different colours, different styles result in jewellery that combine a timless elegance with a flamboyant panache!

Behind the jewellery of both brands there lies a personal touch and an endeavour to make purchasing and owning a piece of Jenna Clifford jewellery a truly wonderful experience.

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