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You can live with something for so long that you no longer see it.
We did in our first house. For a year or so the door between the kitchen and the dining room would not open more than halfway because of the carpet. We became so used to it that we no longer were aware of it. So we were amazed when the people putting in wall-to-wall carpets had the door off, sanded and re-hung within 30 minutes. What a difference! We kept walking through just for the experience!

I have lived in Joburg all of my life and have come to know it quite well. But, you know, we become such creatures of habit. The same roads to and from work, or wherever we are going. The same shops, restaurants, food, clothes, sport – even friends.
And yet, everything is changing around us! Forget, for a moment, the state of the economy or the roads – these too will change. Life is there to be lived – tasted, savoured, enjoyed, shared – and new and worthwhile memories created.
As a well-known ad tells us – ‘you can stay as you are for the rest of your life – or you can change..!’

Come exploring with me. Get a new taste in your mouth, a new sight in your eyes, a new topic in your talk, a new memory to look back upon – for you and your family and friends. Feed yourself with newness and variety – and enjoy yourself more.
And, whilst we are on the journey – share some of your favourite places and experiences with me.

Who is Jerry? Well, that’s for you to find out isn’t it?
I’m not who I have been, and I’m not what I look like. I’m not in bondage to the past – I’m becoming my future – and today, everyday, I lay those foundations. Press on with me – the future beckons!

And to wet your appetite – one of the things coming up will be ‘Take a Windmill and some Wine!”

I hope to see you there.

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