Joburg Scores Its First Food Truck Park

All those wonderful food trucks we love so much are going to be hanging out in Benmore from the 1st of September – here are the details. 


Paella, burgers, pancakes and everything in between, the food truck industry in Jozi is a booming, and finally, FINALLY there’s a spot dedicated to these modern marvels. The Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre will act as base for the Good & Proper Food Truck Eatery – a park dedicated to the best in the food truck industry. The big hitters of the Jozi food truck scene will be part-taking in this awesome idea. From Balkan Burgers to Zombie Chefs and everyone in between we sure are in for a treat.

The Good & Proper Food Trucks Eatery will arrive just in time for spring on 1 September 2016 leave us on 25 November 2016, every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 11.30 and 15:00.

By Shawn Greyling

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2 thoughts on “Joburg Scores Its First Food Truck Park

  1. I LOVE the concept!!! 🙂 Why oh why do they have to leave again.. this is exactly what our local parks need for people to get out and have great fun AND encourage entrepreneurs which will be brilliant for our economy too. This is an awesome idea!!!!!


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