Joburg’s Seven Day Food Market

Tucked away in a tiny neighbourhood shopping centre in Bryanston, Jackson’s Real Food Market blurs the lines between market and grocery store and is guaranteed to change the way you think about shopping.

Jacksons Real Food Market in essence is a small, family run grocery store but before you sigh with boredom let me first clarify one simple thing – they aren’t stocking what your local grocery store is stocking! Specialising in the finer and fresher side of things their chalkboard outside the store refers to them as a ‘7 Day Food Market’ and I think that is probably the most apt description. Imagine all your favourite market goodies (and more) all conveniently stocked and available seven days a week!

With everything from fresh veg to almond butter, the idea is to support local farms and producers and it’s really nice to see all the local Joburg brands being represented up on the shelf. Also, without trying to sound like Tyler Durden from Fight Club, it’s nice seeing the small guys being represented for once, shelf real estate is not based on who has the biggest marketing budget and it’s refreshing to say the least.

Another interesting thing about Jackson’s is their prepared meals section. Here you will find a vast selection of goodies pre-made and ready to either heat up or just eat straight away. Think along the lines of Woolworths but the selection is obviously different.

With their own bakery, the very best in local foodie finds and a section stocking real Wagyu beef, Jackson’s set themselves apart in a market that has for years been exclusively dominated by the big guys. Sure you will likely pay less shopping at Checkers but I guarantee that your local Checkers isn’t stocking locally cured truffle Saucisson, Jozi Nut Butters, Wagyu beef and Jackson’s own clever ‘Gentlemen’s Relish’. It’s the kind of place that is perfect for those little additions which you just can’t get anywhere else and I encourage you to make the effort as soon as you possibly can.

By Byron Marais

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