Jodi-Ann Pearton

Jodi-Ann Pearton

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One of the Young Ones, she is vibrant, talented and so-so ambitious. Jodi-Ann Pearton is THREE TIMES Chef of the Year winner, and has launched her own business, The Food Design Company in 2008. She has worked in most fashionable “foodies” spots on the planet, and has training under her belt that will make Gordon Ramsay jealous.

FRUIT & VEG CITY for all greens – her bustling catering business orders every day & collects at sunrise.

BRAESIDE MEATS – all of us already know this popular “chef’s boutique” in Parkhurst, where one can get grass-fed and organic meats.

LA MARINA supplies all her seafood.

Jodi-Ann grows her own micro-vegetables & leaves!

Contact Jodi-Ann by following the links alongside.

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