Johannesburg Planetarium – Review

Johannesburg Planetarium – Review

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It’s so funny how we so easily forget that we have this amazing gem right on our doorstep. The Planetarium is one of Joburg’s landmarks and I think we can all remember a school trip or two where we got to look at the stars and think about how tiny we actually are! With the current School Holidays, as well as families looking for something different to do over the next weekend, this is a fabulous alternative to just another movie…

The Planetarium was built in 1960 on the University of the Witwatersrand’s East Campus. There are a wide variety of shows suitable for children as young as five as well as for adults of all ages.

April Calendar

Kids aged 5-8 will enjoy the Space Travel Show where they can travel with Thomas the Astronomer on his giant rocket ship to the game reserve, the moon and beyond! The show takes place each Saturday at 10.30am (other than Saturday, 17th of April) and the cost is R18 per person.

Four Seconds of Daylight investigates the fireball that streaked over South Africa just before 11pm on Saturday 21st of November 2009. The show aims to answer some of the resulting questions (some still unanswered) such as “what was it?” and “what if something bigger hit us?” The show takes place each Saturday at 3pm and tickets are R30 (adults) and R18 (scholars and children).

I also like the sound of the Sky Tonight Show each Friday night at 8pm which is essentially a beginner’s guide to the Southern Cross and the surrounding skies. Please note that tickets are available from half an hour before each show, at the door. Doors close promptly at the advertised show time, with no late entry.

Birthday Parties

This is also the ideal party venue for kids who would like to have a Space Travel Birthday Party! You pay R18 per child (but the accompanying adults are free. Bring the birthday cake and refreshments with you to enjoy after the show. You can also arrange for additional options such as:

  • Party pack with 10 minute Space Travel music CD – R14 each
  • Hot-dogs – R6 each
  • Tea / coffee – R5 each
  • Extra Table hire – R10 each
  • Chair Hire – R5 each

Also visit the Planetarium’s website for details of various courses on offer, such as their Introduction to Astronomy which costs R180 for four lectures.

This is definitely a venue that should be firmly on your radar screen for weekends and school holidays. Such a wonderful way of keeping children entertained while also giving them a memory that will never forget.

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~Reviewed by Shelli NT

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