John Vlismas in Pow

John Vlismas in Pow

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Everyone knows that comedian John Vlismas has a way with words – a certain way with certain words. John Vlismas is undoubtably South Africa’s funniest edgy comedian. He has represented the country in international festivals and won but his content has never quite been without the odd dirty word here and there. Just we thought that hje couldn’t pull another trick out of the hat, he had to come up with his latest show ‘Pow’.

Imagine a show so profoundly funny that even profanity dare not rear it’s ugly, albeit hilarious, head. This time around John Vlismas will be returning from his long running gig as King of the Comedy Underground to break new ground. His David Blaine-like focus will see him through the never before attempted challenge of getting through 70 minutes of outrageous opinion, dark observation and thought provoking barbs without so much as a ‘gosh darnit’. Roll up, roll up and before you step inside and prepare your gran to be astounded.

Despite the filthy omissions John swears (for the last time) that you will leave satisfied. Why now you might ask? It was a dare that John couldn’t do a show without a curse. A laughing plague on both of your houses.

The show will be on Saturday, 2nd of June till 13th June at The Fringe Theatre (Formerly the Tesson Theatre) at JHB Civic Theatre.

For bookings see details alongside.

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