Jozi X – Review

Jozi X – Review

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I did something a little different on New Year’s Day this year – I faced my enormous fear of heights and did a Bridge Swing across the Oribi Gorge. My poor mother-in-law clutched her pearls in horror as she watched me dangling from a wire in the middle of nowhere, while I stretched out my arms and just celebrated the sheer and utter joy of being alive. Over the past few months, I think a lot about the significance of that moment – a landmark day where I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something different. Something unexpected. And something memorable.

You can therefore understand my excitement when I discovered Joxi X while driving down Main Street in Bryanston one day. Not only does this venue provide adrenaline activities that have been seriously lacking in Joburg, but they also provide a little something for everyone – kids, men and women are going to want to visit. And soon!

For example, here’s a list of their activities. (You’ll notice that your heart starts to beat a little faster as you read through the list. It’s called “excitement”!

  1. TRAPEZE – Fly on a full-sized trapeze with no safety wires. The specially designed Krush Kushions will ensure a safe landing and the instructors will have you doing catches and tricks by the end of the day!
  2. JUNGLE SWINGZ – Get your technique right for the Trapeze by practicing on the Jungle Swingz. The aim is to make it across all 4 bars and then over the Sissy bar at the end!
  3. TIGHT ROPE WALKZ – Improve your balance by walking across the 8m long tight rope, 4m in the air!
  4. FACE OFFZ – Knock your friend, work colleagues or boss off the 4m high beam to the Krush Kushions below and become the King of Face Offz!
  5. FREE KLIMBZ – Their 4-sided inflatable climbing wall becomes more challenging as you move around from face to face and remember – no safety lines here!
  6. KRAZY LADDER – Using part balance and part strategy, climb your way to the top of the Krazy Ladder – bet you won’t make it up the first time!
  7. STUNT MATT – Learn to fall like a professional stunt man from heights ranging from 2m to 10m above the ground!


  1. ZORB BALL– Climb inside either the harnessed or wet 3m diameter Zorb Ball and roll down a 200m long slope. Throw up. Do it again.
  2. MOUNTAIN BOARDING BEGINNER TRACK – The instructors will teach you all you need to know to get you on your feet and Mountain Boarding down the 2. 100m long beginner track. Equipment is included in the lesson.

  3. DIRT PARK – Practice your Mountain Boarding Park skills on the jumps, rails and bonks.
  4. TAR STREET PARK – On your Freebord, Skateboard, Roller blades or whatever, cruise around their Street Park over jumps, rails and pavements.
  5. LUGE TRACK – Learn to Street Luge on their 400m long tarred track or just use your Freebord, Skateboard or Longboard.
  6. BOARDER X TRACK – Enjoy Boarder Cross races down their dirt track, over jumps, humps and woop sections on your Mountain Board or rent equipment from Jozi X.

This is also a superb venue for birthday parties, as well as an idea for keeping the kids occupied and away from the TV during the school holidays. Surprise yourself – join in too!

~Reviewed by Shelli NT

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